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AC Maintenance

Most air conditioners have a long lifespan, which allows you to get your money’s worth out of this investment. However, how long your AC will last without significant repairs comes down to how well you take care of it. At Houk AC, we provide extensive AC maintenance that ensures your air conditioner will run efficiently for many years to come.

Our technicians prioritize maintenance and preventative measures, so there is less risk of you having to pay for significant repairs later on! Schedule your spring AC tune-up today or join our Houk Maintenance Program for ultimate peace of mind!

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Precision AC Maintenance in Texas

At Houk AC, we understand that taking care of your air conditioner can feel stressful. We know most homeowners don’t want to have to think about their AC any more than they have to, but maintenance is the best way to make that happen! That’s why we provide full-scale AC maintenance tune-ups—so you can get back to focusing on what matters most.

Discount Offers

At Houk AC, you have access to various discount offers when it comes to things like unit upgrades, installments, new units, repairs, and more!

Fast Response Time

If you are experiencing an AC issue, you deserve to get it fixed fast. At Houk AC, we provide emergency services, and our offices in DFW, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio are available 24/7.

Houk Maintenance Program

Taking care of your AC isn’t always the first thing on your mind. But the Houk Maintenance Program makes it easy to keep your system at peak performance while enjoying exclusive membership benefits!

Why We Prioritize AC Maintenance

Benefits of Joining an HVAC Maintenance Plan

It’s easy for homeowners to forget about AC maintenance since it isn’t always a priority. The reality is that maintenance is the very thing that helps you avoid more significant AC services, like repairs. Maintenance allows AC technicians to examine your unit to make sure it is fully functioning and doesn’t have any damage. If there is damage, they will catch it early on, so you don’t have to face a significant bill.

Houk Maintenance Plan Members enjoy these exclusive perks and benefits:

  • Semi-annual precision tune-ups in the spring and fall
  • No after-hours charge
  • 15% discount on system repairs
  • Reduced tune-up costs
  • Program is transferable to new homeowner
  • Free diagnostic if your system develops a problem within 30 days of the last tune-up
  • Protect your system’s factory warranty
  • Increase system performance & lower energy costs
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Your AC Maintenance Questions Answered

Our maintenance program schedules your yearly maintenance to ensure it gets done without any extra effort on your part. HMP is designed to provide your family year-round priority service, indoor comfort, and peace of mind while saving you money and protecting your valuable investment.

At Houk AC, we provide a thorough, semi-annual 27-point tune-up on your system each spring and fall. This includes various component checks, parts inspections, cleanings, and replacing your filters. For a full list of everything included in our HVAC maintenance checklist, reach out to a member of our team today!

If one of our technicians sees a potential repair during their tune-up, they will let you know and provide a quote if you want to proceed. With our no-pressure process, you can rest assured that you’ll get honest, upfront recommendations every time.

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Avoid Costly Repairs: Contact the Experts at Houk AC

Maintenance is your best tool when it comes to preventing more significant AC services in the future. Maintenance ensures your unit is running efficiently, is clean, and the components are damage-free.

At Houk AC, our extensive maintenance program helps you to stay on top of yearly AC maintenance so that your AC continues to run for as long as possible! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our HVAC technicians.

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