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If you own or manage a commercial building, a part of your responsibility is ensuring the HVAC system works correctly. To do this, you need to have a dependable HVAC company at hand in case repairs or maintenance is necessary. At Houk Mechanical, we’ve competently handled all kinds of commercial HVAC services since we opened our own doors in 1962.

We have a team of expert technicians who can quickly diagnose heating and cooling issues to create a transparent quote. We serve several major metropolitan areas in Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

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Superior Industrial & Commercial HVAC Services in Texas

Life is too short to live without climate control in a state like Texas. Dealing with air conditioner issues or installation can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be if you choose the right HVAC company. At Houk Mechanical, we provide all kinds of AC services that residential homes in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston may need.

Chiller, Cooling Tower, & Boiler Systems

Have a dependable air conditioner that started acting strange without warning? Have you been hearing weird noises or noticing hotspots in your home? At Houk Mechanical, our technicians are experienced in a variety of air conditioner repairs.


Single-Split HVAC Systems

Single-split systems are ideal for smaller commercial buildings, offices, and retail spaces. Get a custom-designed single-split system or any necessary repairs when you trust Houk Mechanical.


Multi-Split Systems

Let our team design the perfect multi-split system for your large retail complex, hotel, or multi-tenant space. We’re also ready to take on any multi-split maintenance or repair.


Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

VFDs are a popular component of mechanical HVAC systems that can improve ventilation, indoor air quality, and energy savings. Install or repair a VFD in your system with Houk.


Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV)

Get an energy-efficient solution for heating and cooling your multi-room building. Our team designs, installs, repairs, and maintains variable air volume boxes throughout Texas.


Constant Air Volume Systems (CAV)

Whether you need repairs on an older CAV system or maintenance to keep it running strong, our team has the knowledge and expertise to keep it working strong for your business.


Heat Pumps

Commercial heat pumps are a highly efficient way for Texas businesses to heat and cool their buildings. Explore the latest heat pump technology or keep on top of maintenance with Houk.


Fan-Powered Box Systems

Let our team help you maintain or repair your parallel flow (variable volume) or series flow (constant volume) fan-powered system in Texas. We have what it takes to optimize performance.

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Why Choose Houk Mechanical?

At Houk Mechanical, we provide versatile options for commercial buildings. We’ve successfully supported industrial buildings, warehouses, offices, restaurants, data centers, and more. We also have extensive experience working with the latest commercial HVAC technology. The technicians at Houk Mechanical know exactly how to care for all kinds of commercial equipment, from heat pumps to single-split systems and beyond.

At Houk Mechanical, we pride ourselves on providing versatile services for commercial HVAC systems with our team of skilled technicians. That’s why we operate 24/7, work fast, and never cut corners. When the comfort and safety of your employees, guests, or tenants is on the line, trust Houk Mechanical to deploy an expert team of commercial HVAC specialists.

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Commercial HVAC systems are complex machines with a lot riding on their performance, efficiency, and longevity. Houk Mechanical is an independently operated commercial HVAC company that specializes in designing customized, high-performance systems for Texas businesses. We’re here to be your partner in heating and cooling success for years to come.

Whether you need to design a system from the ground up or need to have your existing system checked out for repairs, we’ve got you covered. Contact Houk Mechanical today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

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