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Fan-Powered Box Systems

If you manage a commercial business in Texas, you already know how important it is to have an energy-efficient HVAC system. If your business has a fan-powered box system, part of maintaining the system and increasing its lifespan is finding the right HVAC company. At Houk Mechanical, we have experience working with fan-powered box systems and service areas all over Texas.

Houk Mechanical has decades of experience in the commercial HVAC space and only hires the best technicians. We guarantee fast and reliable service with a 24/7, on-demand response time.

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First-Class Fan-Powered Box System Services in Texas

Choosing the right HVAC company for your commercial business is a major decision. At Houk Mechanical, we prioritize the needs of our customers and only use the most technologically advanced equipment to produce the best results. Our goals include providing reliable energy efficiency, long-lasting comfort, and a stress-free process for all our commercial partners.

Commercial Focus

At Houk Mechanical, we focus solely on commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Our expert mechanical team makes it easy for general contractors and property owners to get the heating and cooling services they need.

Trustworthy Expertise

Most HVAC companies hire subcontractors to work as technicians for their commercial clients. At Houk Mechanical, our technicians are employees, and we only hire the most experienced so that our clients get the trustworthy service they need!

On-Demand Availability

Issues with fan-powered box systems can arise without any warning. Because HVAC problems don’t keep regular business hours, we provide emergency HVAC services 24/7/365. Call now for emergency or same-day service in DFW, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio.

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Understanding Your Fan-Powered Box System

A fan-powered box system is a great option for commercial businesses that want to maintain comfort without compromising on energy efficiency. It allows businesses to have complete climate control across zones without having to deal with excessive usage and energy costs. These systems allow your HVAC system to reheat treated air and keep air circulating.

To maintain a fan-powered box system and enjoy these benefits, you need an HVAC company that knows how to work with this type of system. At Houk Mechanical, we can help by providing scheduled maintenance, minor and extensive repairs, emergency services, and system installation. When you choose Houk Mechanical, you can expect fast and reliable service and a stress-free sales process!

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Your Fan-Powered Box System Questions Answered

Yes, fan-powered box systems rely on filters the same way other systems do to prevent the buildup of dust and lint. Depending on the nature of your building’s usage, you may need to change these filters once a year or up to 4 times a year. Contact Houk Mechanical to set up a maintenance schedule suited to your needs.

Maintenance services for fan-powered box systems usually include inspecting the components of the system, cleaning any visible buildup, and changing the filters. For a full overview of the maintenance services we provide at Houk Mechanical, click here.

These systems can be considered an energy-efficient option, depending on the type you choose: parallel flow (variable volume) or series flow (constant volume). Parallel boxes don’t run continuously, which makes them more efficient than series boxes on average. This variable operation helps the system to use less energy and allows for more climate control.

That said, series flow systems are well suited for situations where constant air movement needs to be maintained, such as laboratories, lobbies, conference rooms, and even some offices. Contact Houk Mechanical to determine the most energy-efficient option to suit your needs.

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Fan-powered box systems have many benefits for commercial businesses, especially if you keep up with your recommended maintenance. Houk Mechanical provides an extensive maintenance program that helps you do this, as well as other HVAC services for repairs and installation.

Do you need commercial HVAC services? Houk Mechanical services areas throughout north, south, and east Texas and specializes in a variety of commercial HVAC systems. So, contact us today to set up your on-site consultation or schedule service.

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