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Split Vs. Packaged HVAC Systems: What Is the Difference?

HVAC units are there in every household, as temperature control is something that everyone needs! It is for all seasons and needs to be in working condition every time to keep you comfortable and weather safe. There are teams in Coppell for air conditioning system setup and maintenance. Which installation team would be apt for you depends on your HVAC system type. Most homes have split HVAC systems, while others have packaged ones. Let us discuss how these setups are different from one another.

Split HVAC system

It is the most common heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system with two units, one inside the home and one outside. These two components work together to maintain the temperature inside the house and meet the Coppell air conditioning needs in the hot summers! The unit outside your home contains the condenser coil and the compressor, while the inside setup has the blower. You have to appoint the best experts for AC installation in Coppell if you choose this HVAC setup as it requires proven expertise.

Packaged HVAC

Another type of HVAC system is the packaged one, which comes with a single unit that you keep outside your home. The compressor, coil, and blowers stay inside a single box, and there is no equipment inside your home. Thus, there is less chaos, and even when you want to repair your Coppell air conditioning system, the professionals would only have to check and work on the unit outside your home.

Though both these systems are different in setup and built, their work efficiency is almost similar. Let us discuss the key differences between these systems for better clarity.

Split V/S HVAC systems:

Installation Part

There are two separate units for a split HVAC, and both have to get installed in sync to work efficiently. Hence, its installation part is elaborate, and you would require expert help to get the utmost proficiency. On the other hand, the packaged system comes in a ready-to-install structure from the factory itself, and you would only have to place it in the right place and make the connections. Therefore, though it is a simple process, expertise is still inevitable.


The noise level of the split units is higher than that of the packaged ones. The part that gets fixed inside the premises sometimes makes annoying noises which cause a lot of disturbance. Moreover, the outside unit is also not noise-proof. The sounds it produces may not be loud but disturbing. Packaged systems do not contribute to noise pollution. It stays outside your home, so there is no way you get to hear any weird noises inside.

Space Requirements

It is evidently clear that the split system would need more space to accommodate its two separate units. Comparatively, packaged systems have a single box and do not need extra space inside your home. So, if space is an issue, packaged HVAC has the edge over the split ones.

These are the factors in which these two HVAC systems vary. Knowing this, you will have a better idea about these two options and can decide which one you want to choose for your home. You need space inside and outside your home, ensuring smoother installation and working of a split HVAC system. However, packaged ones require less than half of this space.

That was all about the two popular HVAC system types. You can do a deeper analysis of the two, keeping these things in mind, and decide which one would suit your business.

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