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Tape or Mastic: Which is good for HVAC duct sealing?

Leaking ducts need an immediate fix with aluminum tape or mastic. If you ignore or do not pay attention to it, the cool air will start leaking, and you wouldn’t get proper cooling. Moreover, leaking ducts cause air loss and affect the efficiency of the AC, making you pay for the cool air you are not even getting. Hence, it is crucial to reduce this air loss by fixing the duct.

There are two ways to fix the ducts; you can go for tapping or mastic. Experts coming for the ac service in flower mound analyze the situation well and decide which of these would be the right thing to do. However, before the expert you hire suggests a way out, you should know the pros and cons associated. Know the situations where tape proved to be the best and the conditions that get better handled by mastic.

Using Tape

The process will be fuss-free and easy if you prefer covering the leak with aluminum or fiberglass tape. The experts use premium quality tape and cover the leaks by pasting this tape over it efficiently. It is a cost-effective procedure as buying premium quality tape wouldn’t be expensive. Though the duct tape will cover the leak effectively, it might not last long, and you may have to keep doing the maintenance work.

Dust and oil accumulating on the duct will loosen the gum in the tape. Hence, it will start wearing off with time. It doesn’t happen overnight, but you will see that the duct tape is getting removed within a few months. Thus, you would have to replace it every few months. If you use professional HVAC tapes for fixing the leaks, they would be more durable. However, poor-quality duct tape would not last more than a month or two.

Mastic Sealant

It is a more effective way to fix the ducts as it stands the test of time. You can find the gooey sealant at your local store and paste it on the leak using a brush. Once it dries up, the duct starts working efficiently, and the air loss eliminates.

It is better to hire experts for putting up a mastic layer as the choice of brush and the way you put the layer of sealant matter a lot. It is a preferred option over aluminum or fiberglass tape as no amount of dust or oil deposit can loosen up the sealant, and it will stay intact for years! However, there are certain conditions where an expert for ac service in flower mounds would never recommend mastic. For example, experts recommend using tape along with the mastic if the gap or the crack is more than ¼ inch.


After discussing both options, it is clear that mastic and tape are apt in different situations. Thus, it is better to hire experts who thoroughly understand the HVAC services and can come up with the best solutions after analyzing the situation. Additionally, you have to source the premium quality material, whether tape or mastic, to ensure that it stays intact for years and doesn’t bother you with frequent repairs.

So, explore and find the best professionals for HVAC services in your area. Let them analyze the situation well and suggest whether tape would work for your duct or if you need mastic. Then, follow their suggestions and get the apt airflow from your AC unit.

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