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Top 5 Warning Signs If Your Furnace Needs Repair/Replacement

Are you not sure if your furnace really needs repair or replacement? There are plenty of furnace warning signs which helps in gauging that it might need repair. If you suspect any of these, immediately call your nearest HVAC contractor. If you ignore these warning signs, it could culminate in further irreparable problems and you could even put to risk your home and occupants. So, to avoid facing that situation, it is prudent that you should keep a track of the following warning signs.

1.     How Old Is Your Furnace?

A properly installed and well-maintained furnace usually lasts for about 10-15 years. As per, it is recommended that you replace the furnace which is over 15 years and buy a new energy-efficient one. Your current furnace will itself show signs of inefficiency like high utility bills, increase in number of repairs and much more. If you do not want your furnace to fail at the most inopportune moment, plan your furnace replacement in advance.

2.     The Color of the Flame

If your furnace is in good working condition, it will produce a stable, clean and blue flame. However, if there is dirt present inside it or if it is partially burning, a flickering and a yellow flame will be produced which will be a cause for concern.

3.     Strange Noises & Odors

As soon as you switch on your furnace, does it make any popping, banging or rattling noise? Old furnaces often make such strange noises. Do you also hear the furnace blower running excessively? If you have experienced such signs, it means that your furnace requires imminent replacement.

If you sense some strange smell in your house while your furnace is running, immediately shut down your furnace. It may be caused due to leaks or due to some other serious internal issue.

4.     The Poisonous Gas : Carbon Monoxide

Although carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless but highly toxic as well. In course of time, your furnace may show signs of emitting this poisonous gas into your home. You can check the presence of this gas with the following warning signs –

  • If the burner flame is of yellow color instead of blue.
  • There is no upward movement in the chimney.
  • If there is excessive rust on flue pipes, appliance jacks or pipe connections.
  • If you see rust present on the vent pipe. It is visible from outside.
  • If you observe streaks of soot around the furnace.
  • If there is excessive moisture on the windows, walls and other cold surfaces.
  • If you see water leak from the base of the flue pipe, vent or chimney.

5.     Constant Adjusting of Thermostat

If you are required for constant commotion to control thermostat at varying temperatures in different rooms, it is very likely that your furnace isn’t properly distributing air throughout home. This can indicate a poor furnace ventilation.

So, if you see any of the above mentioned warning signs in your furnace, immediately call your reliable HVAC contractor who can safely take you out from this mess. Also, it is better that if you keep your electrical appliances such as furnace, air conditioners, boilers, etc. in check at least once a year. These HVAC experts give several services including that of Air conditioner installation, Air conditioner service, Air conditioner maintenance,Air conditioner repair in Colleyville.

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