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Factors to Consider Before Opting for Repair and Replacement Options for R22 AC Compressor

Air conditioners with the R22 AC compressors are costly. Moreover, the prices have risen for the same; while, the stock has declined drastically. In such cases, one would need to consider if they want to fix the unit or go for a new one.

The decision to replace or repair an r22 AC compressor or an old compressor that uses the R22 refrigerant, which is presently not in production, can be very complicated.  You also do have the possibility of opting for retrofitting AKA, converting the R22 AC into a new one.

This article will help you understand the various options you have when it comes to replacing or repairing the R22 AC compressor.

First, let us look at the different options available.

·         Taking the time to search for a new one

Replacing the AC compressor applies to commercial equipment as well. Just in case you think about replacing your compressor, do proper research. You have to understand that it will not take that much time to narrow down a list; however, making the right choice for your needs can be tricky.

·         Consider a second-hand one.

So, you’ve decided to repair your compressor, but the parts are not available. In such cases, consider buying a second-hand AC unit. If you get lucky, you will get a functional unit at a nominal price. Even your HVAC contractor can keep an eye for one since he/she can check the unit. Getting professional advice will help you to save money.

·         Converting your R22 AC

Converting your R22 AC may be a good option; however, it can be an expensive affair. By retrofitting your unit, the HVAC professional will check the leaks and replace the coils as well. Moreover, they will even clean the evaporator, condenser, and change the parts. This will make the AC unit as good as new.

The importance of finding a good HVAC contractor

Whether you opt for buying a new one or going for a retrofit, you need to find a good HVAC contractor to do the job. With the help of professional advice, you can make the right choice based on what suits you best. Here are two essential tips to remember while seeking professional help

·         Take your time to think it out.

Although you may be taking professional help, it is always best to take your time and think about things. Do not make any decision in haste or might regret later on. You need to decide if you want to opt for a replacement or repair your AC.

·         Seek out a neutral service provider

It is easy to find an HVAC company; but, finding an unbiased one is a challenge. Having an unbiased opinion will help you to make a decision that is suitable for you. You need to keep in mind the present situation and decide accordingly.

A final note

The decision to replace or repair your R22 compressor may be tricky. You have to ensure that you make the right choice. Given the fact that there are challenges of finding authentic parts in the market; and, even if you do, the parts /stocks are expensive, you need to decide with a sound mind. Professional help may provide you a direction, but the ultimate decision will be yours. This is why you need to ensure that you choose wisely.

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