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How to Build a Fence Around an Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit?

An air conditioner is a savior in extreme climatic conditions. It allows the residents to protect themselves against high or low temperatures and humidity. As the seasons change, people want to get their machines serviced. Servicing at the right time will help it to serve you better.

Thus, if you reside in Dallas, it is essential to arrange for air conditioner maintenance Dallas as the unit needs to work perfectly throughout the season. However, the equipment’s outdoor unit should not be left as it is. Thus, in this article, we have mentioned facts about building a fence around an outdoor air conditioning unit.

Why Is Covering an Outdoor AC Unit Important?

There are several reasons to hide or cover the outdoor AC unit. It will benefit both the machine and its users.

  • Protection of Unit from Foreign Particles – If the AC’s outdoor unit is left uncovered, dirt, dust, or flying debris can enter it. It may also trap clipped grass during lawn mowing. These elements can block essential parts of the unit, interfering with the air conditioner’s efficiency.
  • Elimination of Noise – The AC unit can cause unwanted sound, disturbing the residents and neighbors. Building a fence around the structure can reduce the noise greatly.
  • Safeguarding Children and Pets – In homes with young kids or pets, they might feel inquisitive and drop objects into the unit. Worse still, they may injure themselves due to heat or exposure to parts.
  • Pleasant Appearance – People keep their interiors spick and span but ignore outdoor items. An uncovered AC unit looks unorganized and imparts a shabby look to the home décor.

What Do You Require to Build a Fence Around an Outdoor AC Unit?

You require the following materials to conclude the subject task. However, if you are not confident in doing it yourself, please take help from an experienced professional. You may also contact service providers of air conditioner maintenance in Dallas to hide the unit.

  • Two to three lattice sheets of 8ft X 4 ft dimensions. The material of the sheets should be cedar, weather-resistant vinyl, or pressure-treated wood.
  • An adequate number of lattice molding caps to make three frames.
  • Circular saw.
  • Screw gun or drill.
  • Construction screws.

Alternatively, you may also use wooden or vinyl frames to cover the structure. However, lattice sheets add to the aesthetics.

How to Build a Fence Around an Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit?

  • Note the dimensions of the unit accurately. Also, consider the space to be left as per the manual. This step is essential to keep the unit breathable and free from congested airflow.
  • Cut out the sheets with the saw.
  • Build frames for each panel with molding caps.
  • Combine the panels to complete the framed structure.
  • Fasten the three panels with screws forming a C shape.
  • The structure shall be more robust if you add braces or posts around the fence.
  • You can paint the panels for appearance and protection.

Building a fence around your air conditioner’s outdoor unit protects it and increases its longevity. You can try it yourself using the above points. So now you know how to build a fence around an Outdoor Air Conditioner Unit. However, you must contact reliable professionals for air conditioner maintenance in Dallas and further assistance if you have any queries. Compare the experience and reputation of the companies before you hire one for the services.

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