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Manual vs Programmable vs. Smart Thermostats – Which is the Best for you?

Thermostat, not to be confused with a thermometer, is a device that helps to maintain the temperature. The device is capable of maintaining a desirable temperature by turning up heating or cooling. The advancement in technology saw manual thermostats being replaced by programmable and smart thermostats.

While the old souls continue to use manual thermostats, tech-savvy people prefer smart thermostats. Let’s delve deep into different types of thermostats and which one is the most suitable for you.

Manual Thermostats

A manual thermostat, also known as an analog thermostat, is the old-school device used to maintain the temperature. These are the devices of the previous generation and are fading out quickly. A manual thermostat requires you to manually set up the desired temperature on the device by rotating a knob.

The advanced version of manual thermostats is a digital one. It requires you to manually set up the temperature using the up or down switch. The selected temperature is displayed on the screen in digital thermostats. Once the temperature is set, the device starts to heat up or cool down the place until the desired temperature is attained.

A manual thermostat requires you to turn it on or off as per your needs every time you leave home. These are quite basic and low-cost thermostats.

  • Who should use a manual thermostat?

Honestly, nobody should be using a manual thermostat in 2020. Although they seem cheaper, they cost more than a programmable or smart thermostat. Manual thermostats are not precise and waste a lot of energy. These are more hassle to use and less effective as compared to a programmable counterpart.

 Programmable Thermostats

These devices are known for their energy-saving and efficient working. These are the advanced version of manual thermostats. These are designed to maintain the temperature throughout the day automatically. As the name suggests, a programmable thermostat can be programmed as per your requirements.

With these devices, you can program when you wish to turn the device on or off for each day the week. Programming the device is a little tricky. You must consider your working hours and other factors to program the device correctly. Once a programmable thermostat is scheduled for all days of the week and required temperature is set, it will automatically tune heating/cooling on or off without any manual efforts.

  • Who should use a programmable thermostat?

These devices cost significantly more than manual thermostats, as these are equipped with modern technologies. However, in the longer run, a programmable thermostat is energy-saving and cost-efficient. These are suitable for every house.

 Smart Thermostats

As the name suggests, a smart thermostat can be controlled from a smartphone. These are the most advanced version of thermostats. Boasted with state-of-the-art technologies, a smart thermostat designed for people who are proficient in the use of technologies.

A smart thermostat can be connected to Wi-Fi; therefore, it can be controlled even when you’re away from home. Like a programmable thermostat, it can schedule and set the temperature for each day of the week. These devices also provide energy reports, run time, and keep you updated with the quality of air filters.

  • Who should use a smart thermostat?

These devices are designed for modern houses where the Wi-Fi is available 24×7. However, a programmable thermostat does the job efficiently. But if you’re willing to spend a little more bucks, you must install a smart thermostat. It is the perfect fit for people who are busy and dependent on technologies.

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