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Signs of an AC Compressor Failure

An air conditioner might produce weird noises or work inefficiently due to plenty of reasons. One of the most common issues is air conditioner compressor failure. If left unrepaired, it might damage the whole unit. It is not too difficult to detect early signs of compressor failure.

Often, the AC starts blowing hot air while making hissing sound when the compressor is not working correctly. To fix this issue, you require the aid of a professional. The longer a compressor is left unrepaired, the more damage it causes on the complete unit. It is essential to detect the problem earliest. Here are some of the most common signs of an air conditioner compressor failure.

Hissing noise:

Has your AC been making weird hissing noises? Does the noise intensify with time? However, there are several reasons why an AC makes hissing sounds. It is almost certain that a damaged air conditioner compressor makes rattling sounds. This happens when certain parts of the compressor motor are not working fine. It is generally the first sign of a compressor break down.

Less airflow:

When the compressor is damaged, the unit is unable to blow much air. This leads to less airflow than normal. It takes a while for the airflow to diminish by a significant value. While several issues lead to diminished airflow, a damaged compressor inevitably leads to it. It requires the immediate attention of a professional in case of decreased air.

Water leakage:

In case of an air conditioner compressor failure, there is usually some leakage from the unit. It takes a while for this issue to occur. This is an alarming sign that calls for an immediate fix. What seems like water is generally refrigerant or a mix of the two. A refrigerant leak not only increases the electricity bill but also it is hazardous to health. This is because the coolant releases toxic gases that can cause serious illness if left unrepaired.

Hot air:

Has your cooling unit been blowing warm air instead of cool air? It can be a sign of a failed compressor. There might be several reasons why your AC is blowing warm air, such as the low amount of refrigerant and bad compressor. Usually, the air conditioner starts blowing hot air if the airflow level does not drop.

Inability to cool:

For a person who cannot notice low airflow, weird sounds, and warm air, the inability to cool the room is a sure sign of a unit failure. An air conditioner compressor failure undoubtedly impairs its ability to cool the place.

Frozen coils:

This is a little harder to notice. Nevertheless, if you notice ice on cooling coils/tubes, you must call a professional to look into the problem. Generally, a damaged compressor leads to frozen coils and vice-versa. To avoid such problems, you should consider replacing the filter once a month.

The compressor does not turn on:

If your fan is working, but the compressor is not, it is compressor failure. There could be many reasons why a compressor stops working, such as damaged wiring. Often, frozen tubes cause the motor to overheat, leading to an air conditioner compressor failure. It must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the unit.

It’s hard to detect the actual problem and/or its intensity based on the above-mentioned common signs. However, any of these signs indicates that some part of the air conditioning unit is not working efficiently.

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