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Signs Your Air Conditioner May Actually Be Making You Sick

Your air conditioner might be a lifesaver for you in the hot summers, however, it’s time to get acquainted with the fact that if your air conditioner has not been cleaned or serviced from a long period of time, it might be making you sick. Air conditioner calls for proper cleaning and servicing not only to function itself properly but keeping you in a fair state of health as well.

According to AC service Dallas, the following are the signs that your air conditioner might be making you sick.

  1. Breathing issues:

This is the most common issue which is because of the fact that the filters of your air conditioners are not cleaned properly. The filters of your air conditioner must be cleaned and changed on regular time periods to avoid several breathing issues. Air conditioners could also be a home for black mold which puts insult to injury, thereby taking a toll on your overall health.

  1. Headaches and dizziness:

The feeling of dizziness and headache is yet another common sign that your air conditioner is making you sick. According to a study, working in the office buildings having central air conditioning directly makes way for several neurological symptoms in the body such as fatigue and headaches. In this case, you must try turning the temperature up of your unit so that you are not freezing.

  1. Nasal passages and dry skin:

You must not spend a lot of time in the air conditioner as it is not good for the overall health of your skin. The cold temperature of your air conditioner causes the skin to lose its natural moisture, thereby making it dry. The best solution to treat the problem is to stay hydrated. A long sitting session in the air conditioner also causes nasal passages.

  1. Heat intolerance:

According to AC service Dallas, if you spend most of the time sitting in an air-conditioned room or area, you will develop heat intolerance which is not good for your overall health. Consequently, it would become absolutely impossible for you to stay comfortable in hot weather. It is always suggested to try using a fan or opening the window instead of turning the air conditioner every time.

  1. Symptoms of cold:

According to various studies, people who spend a great deal of time in the air-conditioned environment tend to experience a high amount of health care service in the context of cold. Long sitting sessions in front of your air conditioner make you vulnerable to various cold symptoms such as cough and flu. You must, therefore, make sure that your air conditioner, as well as workspace, is cleaned thoroughly.

  1. Weight gain:

Air conditioning can help maintain our bodies at a temperature at which we feel comfortable enough to not make any sort of movements. This effect of the air conditioner causes our calories to burn in a fewer amount than otherwise. A natural environment is where the human body burns enough calories, however, long sitting hours in front of the air conditioner makes the body drowsy and dull.

AC service Dallas not only recommends you to get your air conditioners repaired and serviced every now and then but to make minimum use of the air conditioners in order to maintain overall health. Too much of air conditioner would make you prone to a number of health issues.

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