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Why And When To Replace An HVAC Evaporator Coil In Your Home Comfort System

The evaporator coil of your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your equipment. The role of this coil is to keep the temperature regulated in your home all year long. Whether you have a heating system or a cooling system, an oil furnace or a heating pump, the HVAC evaporator coil of your system is what keeps everything in place.

This coil is filled with refrigerant. As the system blower draws air from inside your home across the coil, the refrigerant begins to evaporate as it absorbs heat from the air. The coil plays the role of a heat exchanger. It gives you hot or cool air depending upon the time of the year. Many things make the HVAC evaporator coil of your system go bad. In such a situation, you either need to get this coil repaired with the help of an HVAC technician or replace it.

Factors that damage the coil of your HVAC system:

Many factors and reasons can damage the HVAC evaporator coil of your system, either temporarily or permanently. Some of the factors have been listed down as under:

  1. When the filter of your HVAC system is not changed on time, it could draw dirt into the system. This directly affects your coil along with the other parts of your HVAC unit. The coil needs to breathe and permit the flow from your home to different rooms. As the filter is dirty, the coil is unable to perform its job efficiently. If the filter is not cleaned for too long, the HVAC evaporator coil also gets clogged with dirt, causing water to pour everywhere.
  2. The condenser of your HVAC system also witnesses a huge build-up of leaves, dirt, grass, and other substances. The condenser coil on the outside has an effect on the HVAC evaporator coil on the indoor unit. In many cases, the evaporator coil fails because of the issues with the condenser oil present outside the HVAC unit.

In both these situations, the HVAC evaporator coil of your unit might get damaged. As a result, you need to address such damage at the earliest and find the nearest solution to the problem.

Replacing your HVAC evaporator coil:

You need to replace your HVAC evaporator coil with the new one in the following cases:

  1. When your HVAC unit is eight years or older:

Your HVAC unit usually lasts from 10 to 12 years. If the unit is nearing eight years old, it is time to replace its evaporator coil with the new one. You don’t need to get it repaired in this scenario as it would get damaged, thereby wasting all your money. The best solution is to replace the coil with a brand new one.

  1. The evaporator coil is obsolete:

Every HVAC unit entertains a SEER rating that determines the efficiency of your unit. The highest the SEER, the more efficient the unit. If your HVAC unit is older, the SEER unit will automatically dropdown. The coil becomes obsolete, and this is when you need to replace it with a brand-new coil.

  1. The unit uses R-22:

If your HVAC unit makes the use of R-22, the best option is to change the entire unit for one that makes the use of an R-410A refrigerant. According to many experts, an older refrigerant is very harmful to the environment. This is when you must change the coil and replace it with a new one.

Taking care of the HVAC evaporator coil of your HVAC system is extremely important.

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